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Ipad vpn bahrain

unrestricted internet on your ipad due vpn.

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Start from home screen. Go to "Settings".

Go to "General".
Go to "Network".
Then proceed to "VPN".

Tap on "Add VPN Configuration"

Choose "L2TP" tab.

Note: Login to your profile on to see list of available L2TP servers

Enter Description, ServerAccountPassword and Secret

Description: server address (for example:

Server: same server address again (

Account: your WASEL Pro username

Password: your WASEL Pro password

Secret: sharedsecret

Send All Traffic should be ON.

Save the Configuration and go back.

 Now turn connection ON.

Wait while it connects. Confirm that the connection is on by checking its Status. Also notice the VPN badge on the title bar.

To check if your IP is changed successfully open your browser and go to

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the waselpro vpn became very popular among arab people, because its made by arabian people!

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