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Our free Vpn application gets downloaded several thousand times a day! This means we got several hundred thousand people using it! Wow!

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Personal Customers

We got loads of regular internet users, whic just got their own internet line at home. but want to use the full advantages of the internet, without gettng blocked from for example skype so they can call cheap (mostly free) with all the friends worldwide!

Bussiness owners

We got a fast growing clients which you our vpn services to maintain and increase their succes of their bussiness! Just think! If you live in Bahrain and you sell your products online to  people from the UK! u will have to use us to reach them! 


People which travel around a lot, use our vpn service as cheap insurance, so no matter where they go, they are allways sure they can visit all websites, webservices where ever they are on this globe! our service will make sure they can allways get connected to the ensensored and unrestricted world wide web!

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