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About Us

Bahrain vpn the brand of Iwasel.

We are a relatively small but very effective international company! Our succesfull Vpn software has had over 700.000 downloads yet from which 85% from the arabic countries like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, you name them!

As a result of the internet filtering, Iwasel set his feet on the ground. Our team of experts developed 3 great vpn applications to cover all internet users who need our help!

overall, our service is entirely free, this means that you will get a free trail time to test us out, day after day if you are not 100% sure yet whether you want to order our premium membership!

We want to end this page, by thanking the hundred of thousands of arabic people by using our great service, helping us on daily basis to increase our performance by the great feedback we recieve daily by helping out our clients thru the live support! Being arabic rocks! But being able to visit all sites and unblock anything possible that's what we stand for, and thats what we will keep to deliver you day after day, years after year!

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